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2006年 02月 02日


As you know, I went to NY last New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
During that term, I went to Subway once.
I love Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich so I usually ordered, but... I couldn't eat.
Below is the conversation with a staff and me, Kota.

S: Hello. Which one?
K: Number seven; Teriyaki Chicken. And White bread, Medium.
S: OK. Which meat?
K: So, Number 7!!!!
S: Which one? Choose?
K: Then what can I choose? Do you have something recomendable?
S: What??

Then that staff call the store manager.

At that time, I gave up ordering. I rely on him.

That's why I couldn't eat Teriyaki Chicken.

Today I remembered that accident, so I went to Subway.
And,,,I ordered Teriyaki Chicken. Besides Large size!!! with Potato and Pepsi.
It was too heavy to eat completely. But I finished.

I accomplished my revenge!!!!


by trippy_seachicken | 2006-02-02 22:27 | GRD

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